cap1 S3 [kæp] n
5¦(small explosive)¦
7 go cap in hand (to somebody)
[Date: 900-1000; : Late Latin; Origin: cappa 'covering for the head, cloak', perhaps from Latin caput 'head']
1.) ¦(HAT)¦
a) a type of flat hat that has a curved part sticking out at the front, and is often worn as part of a uniform
a baseball cap
old men in flat caps
a chauffeur's peaked cap
b) a covering that fits very closely to your head
a swimming cap
a shower cap
c) a type of simple hat that fits very closely to your head, worn especially by women in the past
a white lace cap
cap, ↑nib
2.) ¦(COVERING)¦
a protective covering that you put on the end or top of an object
= ↑top
Make sure you put the cap back on the pen.
a bottle cap
3.) ¦(LIMIT)¦
an upper limit that is put on the amount of money that someone can earn, spend, or borrow
a cap on local council spending
4.) ¦(SPORT)¦
a) if a sports person wins a cap or is given a cap, he or she is chosen to play for their country
He won his first England cap against Wales in 1994.
b) a sports person who has played for his or her country
Mason is one of two new caps in the team.
a small paper container with explosive inside it, used especially in toy guns
6.) ¦(SEX)¦
a ↑contraceptive made of a round piece of rubber that a woman puts inside her ↑vagina
7.) go cap in hand (to sb)
BrE go hat in hand AmE
to ask for money or help in a very respectful way, from someone who has a lot more power than you
Elderly people should receive a heating allowance every winter, instead of having to go cap in hand to the government.
→↑flat cap, ice cap, knee cap, mob cap, skull cap, toecap,a feather in your cap atfeather1 (2), if the cap fits (, wear it) atfit1 (8), put your thinking cap on atthinking1 (3)
cap 2
cap2 past tense and past participle capped present participle capping
v [T]
4 be capped by something
6 to cap it all (off)
7 snow-capped, white-capped etc
1.) ¦(COVER)¦
be capped with sth
to have a particular substance on top
a graceful tower capped with a golden dome
magnificent cliffs capped by lovely wild flowers
2.) ¦(LIMIT)¦ [often passive]
to limit the amount of something, especially money, that can be used, allowed, or spent
the only county to have its spending capped by the government
3.) ¦(GOOD/BAD)¦
to say, do, or be something that is better, worse, or more extreme than something that has just happened or been said
Well, we went three nights with no sleep at all. I bet you can't cap that!
4.) be capped by sth
to have something very good or very bad at the end of an event
a fabulous weekend, capped by dinner in the Times Square Hotel
5.) ¦(SPORT)¦ [usually passive]
BrE to choose someone for a national sports team
He's been capped three times for England.
6.) to cap it all (off)
BrE spoken used before a statement to say that something is the last in a series of annoying, unpleasant, or funny events
To cap it all, the phones didn't work, and there was no hot water.
7.) snow-capped, white-capped etc
with snow on top, with white on top etc
snow-capped mountains
8.) ¦(TOOTH)¦
to cover a tooth with a special hard white substance
He's had his teeth capped.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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